RED UI – User Interface Design Kit PSD

We are proud to Be an ultimate resource of free UI Kits PSD, Free Web Design Templates, Free web elements… Today’s we are giving away a professional User interface design Kit For Free of cost. UI design Kits are very useful to speed up your Project, You can use User interface kits to wire frame your projects. In this Red User interface Kit you can find some good elements  like Dropdown menus, Form Elements, Progress bar, timeline .. We can’t say it is completely a flat style UI kit but  based on flat style design. We really love the simplicity of flat style elements.

You can download this free User interface design Kit PSD From below. Please Share/like/+1 us to down this source file.

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RED UI - Free UI Kit PSD -

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  1. fotis says

    Dropdown is hard to implement but the UI looks great.

    1. Arun says

      Thank you 🙂

    2. Jorge says

      UI does look great indeed, you can do something like this for the dropdown to work like the UI

      1. Krishnan Unni says

        Thank you for your comment, the tympanus drop-down looks great. we will try next time 🙂

      2. fotis says

        I love tympanus tutorials but they don’t work in ie.

  2. Daan Schaart says

    Nice UI kit!

    1. Arun says

      Thank you Daan

  3. dave says


    1. Arun says

      pleasure 🙂

  4. tapchithietke says

    Amazing ! Thank you very much

  5. DCGmini says


  6. 艾卡卡 says


  7. vikas mohan says

    Thank you.

  8. zilwteaf says

    thank you

  9. Derek says


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