Vertical Infinity – A Mega Flat Style UI Kit PSD for Free Download


Hey guys today is a big day for us, we are really excited to hear your feedback on our today’s freebie. Today’s freebie is a huge flat style UI kit flat style UI kit, We can say this might be the biggest  flat style UI kit for free. You can see the screenshot below; this flat style UI kit contains lots of web elements which might be very useful. There is more than one option for each category.

This huge Free flat style UI kit contains different styles of Menus, Dropdown lists, Buttons, Form Elements, Check boxes and radio buttons, Toggle, Navigation and Paginations, Tags, Alert Boxes, progress Bars, Login forms, Contact Forms, weather Widgets, Calendar Widgets, Social Buttons, Media players,  Attachment, Profile Elements ..

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  • Flat Style UI Design
  • Retina Optimized
  • Around 50000 Pixels
  • Easily Manageable

We are working on the next version of these UI elements for Mobile. We are really excited to get the feedback from you, please drop your comments below. If you like our work please share with your friends. Thank you!!!

Vertical Infinity – A Mega Flat Style UI Kit PSD for Free Download -

Arun is a Web Designer/Developer who is always passionate to Design beautiful Websites , User experience


      1. Don’t you think it’s a bit silly to require social network accounts for downloads? What if people don’t want/have accounts for either social networks?

        1. as we are a start up blog , looking to find some good audience . these systems will be removed in near future.

          Sorry for the inconvenience

      1. Hi Arun,
        Its a beautifully designed UI Kit. It seems Facebook like does not work.
        I have liked but download button has not appeared.

      1. I’m wondering how long do you take to export all elements, i.e., as SVGs. You will have to export/copy element to illustrator (and that’s already a lot of work) and than save each one as SGV. If you need to edit some of them, all this work again.

        I really liked your work and was think about using it as base of a wireframe kit (with credits) but I just gave up. Trying to export elements will take more time than simply doing it from scratch.

        I’m not trying to be annoying, but I just don’t think that photoshop is the the right tool for vector based elements, even if they’re vector inside photoshop.


  1. I love it, great stuff thank you.
    However if I may give you an advice, make it HTML/CSS using bootstrap as base, like designmodo has done and your blog will become very *very* popular in few days.

      1. Hi, now it is working. Thank you very much!

        I am quite new to this, but when I opened the file with Photoshop, it said some fonts are missing and thus I’m unable to open the file as vector. Is there any font that I need to install beforehand? Thanks a lot.

  2. Great design work and for free! Awesome. Sorry to be a choosy begger, but dude, RAR? Can you make it ZIP?

  3. Great work !!! and I see you are a Sachin fan 😉 I downloaded it twice but it keeps giving me an error message when I open it in photoshop.

  4. Nice UI. Thanks ! Is over scaled but it’s cool.
    A little question. I want to use some elements from this theme and modify them. Elements will be integrated into a Codecanyon Bootstrap Skin. For this, I need your agreement with that use. Of course, I will link to this post in item description and in resources used.
    I wait for a response ASAP.

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.

    Thank you,

  5. Hi it seems to be downloading as a VLC file. Any suspicion why? Great work BTW. Looks amazing! Really hoping to use it.

  6. This is great! Nicely done, but I have to wonder … what madness brought you to build this in Ps instead of Ai? Especially with all the responsive design with all its needy and varied PPI screens. This UI pack makes much more sense as a source file in vector format rather than in Ps. Again, props to you for making this great resource but I can’t quite harness the full power while it resides as a PSD.

  7. Love the design. Thank you for making this a freebie. But, I am unable to download it – seems like the mediafire link doesn’t work. Can you help. Thanks.

  8. Help, I’ve tweeted twice, G+, Liked on FB and I still am not getting a download button! Would really love to get this, such a great set!

  9. WOW. This looks just freakin AWESOME. It is some kind of gift for Christmas for me :D. Amazing job. But I have a problem. I “Like” it, Tweeted it, G+ it, but there is no Download button. Tried refreshing web page, tried other browsers, but nothing. It would be so nice to have it. Thank you for your time 🙂

  10. Hi, awesome stuff and what I was looking for. Only one question, can I use this kit for commercial projects (as in a web application I’m developing)?

  11. How can i use this PSD kit without having photoshop on my computer? I can’t afford it, so i’d like to know what alternatives i can use. I have both GIMP and Inkscape, and it’s not compatible with either one of these.

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