Free Social Media Line Icon Set

Social media line icon set is our second free give away line icons set, you can see the previous version of line icons here. This time we made these icons bit thinner than before and feels much modern than its ancestor. You can see the screenshot of social media line icons set below. We made things bit easier, this set contains only essential and popular social media icons.

Grab a copy of this beautiful icons form below link, the source file is in PSD format. Please share this with your friends if you really like these icons.

Free Social Media Line Icon Set -

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  1. Jon says

    wow these are beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Nadi says

    Hi Prechu, really awesome icons, thank you!
    Is it possible to agg Github icon to this set?

  3. Dawid Le Hai says

    Awesome! Very clean and minimalistic.

  4. Phoenix says

    Where can I get these as a font?

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