Free Flat Style Single Page Website Design Template PSD

Today we are giving away a free web site design template PSD. This free web template is a beautiful flat style flat style single page design designed by Aryan Dhani.

We like the neatness of this flat style  design, you can see the  preview screen below . As you can see  this a single page web design  including a portfolio section, about the team and a beautiful contact form. We found a good use of long shadow icons here, absolutely a great free website design.

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You can find the download Link below “you need to tweet/like/+1 to download the source file”. The source file is in PSD format  and very well arranged. Feel free to  use this design for your projects . Please let us know if you like this free flat style single page website design.

Free Flat Style Single Page Website Design Template PSD -

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  1. Arun.B.S says

    please follow/like/+1 to download

    1. mreshane says

      i already tried +1, like, share but the download link still not activated, could you maybe check.


      1. Arun.B.S says

        you don’t need to do that in order to download a file

  2. hannah says

    Great template, can you recommend the best way to get it running as a functioning site?

    1. Darko Efremov says

      If you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, ( and bootstrap ) you can make an awesome responsive website with this great design.

  3. HiZb UllAh says

    I love it

  4. Luis Manuel says

    You can get it running with HTML5 and CSS3 here:

    Enjoy it !!!

  5. Luis Manuel says

    You can download an HTML5 and CSS3 version of this template at:

    It’s FREE, Enjoy it !!!

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