Flat App – Flat Website Template PSD Download

Todays freebie is a beautiful flat website template PSD. We provided many free flat web templates before you can see them in previous posts. We really love the neatness and the use of white space in this flat web template design. You can the screen shot for this free web template below, we design this template for any kind of use. Feel free to use this for your next projects. Flat style web sites are more than a trend now, we can see a lot of major websites using the advantage of flat style website designing. We at css author pretty much love the flat style web sites thanks to Aryan Dhani once again for this beautiful website design template.

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The source file is fairly well arranged for further edits, don’t forget to grab a copy of this beautiful Free flat web template PSD.

Flat App - Flat Website Template PSD Download - cssauthor.com

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  1. Facto says

    Thank you very much for sharing Aryan, however does not work the download link.

    1. Arun says

      it is working fine , can you try again ?

      1. Facto says

        Hola. Sí puedo descargar ahora. Gracias 😉

        1. Facto says

          Hello. Yes I can download now. thanks

          1. Arun says

            Awesome 🙂

        2. Arun.B.S says


  2. Phil says

    Hi Guys

    There is an issue in forcing us to use a social share button to download the freebie… If we have already liked you, we can’t like you again, which means we can’t use the buttons.


    1. Arun says

      Hi Phil, no once you like it will be visible to you , but heard this few times so i will look into it soon

    2. Aryandhani says

      I think it is very easy at all, especially if you’ve been following css author on twitter. but you must login first on twitter =D

  3. Kosta says

    Nice work! Thank you very much 🙂

  4. Henrique Silvério says

    Awesome template! Congratulations from Brazil. I have coded he in HTML/CSS/JS: http://henriquesilverio.com/psd-to-html/flat-app/

  5. Miron Catalin Gabriel says

    Aryan i’m working on coding this template, check a little preview: http://catalinmiron.github.io/flat_app_website/ , and github repo: https://github.com/catalinmiron/flat_app_website . Thanks !

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